Big Rock searching for Lunkers

Its getting warmer here in Idaho… Then colder, then warmer. But the fishing has been good. Here is a short video from fishing the other day. Trying to get as much fishing in as possible before the local river closes for a few months. Not super lunky but caught about four fish, Ill take it!

Looking for Lunkers,

-Jeremy Black

fly fishing is for the patient

waiting for the strike

waiting for the strike

Blauvelt and I hit the Truckee on this last nice day for awhile for some afternoon good luck, Anyways I put a new leader on with hopes of a fresh start to land one but anyways on my third cast some wind comes up and next thing I know is I have my san juan worm bird nested with my nympth and no untangling this mess in the near future so here I am starting over again and thinking to myself this site should be called men wearing waders hiking around in rivers loosing money…. hahahaha till next time