Rising Net Review

Rising Nets

A lot of nets are very generic and all seem to look the same and or are too expensive. After recently breaking my “go to” net I found on the banks of the Bigwood River , I started looking around at a new net solution.

Rising, a fishing company out of Utah has a new take on nets. Their new nets are anodized aluminum, so they are light and strong. They have a nice look and feel to them not too heavy but strong enough not to worry about. The handle has textured grip sections down the whole net which has an awesome grip even when wet.

Lunker 24" and Brookie 24"

Lunker 24″ and Brookie 24″

The hoop comes in two sizes the “Brookie” and the “Lunker” both are available with different handle lengths. The long handle version makes these nets perfect for a guide, or on a boat. You can even use them for support while wading, as a make shift wading staff. Another awesome feature these nets have are a large net bag that stretches pretty good and is easy on fish with the snag free style. The bag can easily be replaced as well, which is not the case for most nets.


Linked in on the SF Snake.

Linked in on the SF Snake, with the “Lunker” net.

Having a long aluminum handle that is hollow also made for another cool feature, a hidden flask. We have used the flask quite a bit while floating rivers, taking a shot to warm up or making “Supercharged Radlers”. Kind of a funny deal when someone sees you ¬†pouring something out of a net.

Making a "Supercharged Radler" on the raft.

Making a “Supercharged Radler” on the raft.

So far these nets have worked great whether on the boat, or wading. The nets are also affordable for the quality, the smaller “Brookie” comes in at about $100 and the “Lunker” at about $140-$160 dependent on size. For the price I think these are great nets and should last for many years of hard fishing.

Putting the "Lunker" to work.

Putting the “Lunker” to work.

Check out the full line of nets and other quality tools on the Rising website here: http://www.risingfish.net

-Jeremy Black

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