Light weight Rods

The drought that has been going on in California , or lets say the whole west coast. This has made it hard to find fishable water near by. I have had to find a variety of other water to fish. Some are high alpine lakes and some are small trickling streams.  A good hike aways if not a few many miles or so down a dusty trail. With these new finds, I have come to appreciate the use of some lighter tackle for the fish that I will be stalking. My new favorite rod, well I can’t say it is my favorite yet…… I still have many that I appreciate for the right occasion. The Redington butterstick is such a fun rod that it lives up to the name. The action might be slow however the fight is worth every second. While it is bent into something you might think will break the rod. You better hold on and enjoy the fight as this fish might not be as big as you think it actually is. But worth every tug. As they say “The Tug is the Drug”.  You will be amazed at the good times you will have linking into fish on this setup, I promise.

The Redington classic trout now is my go to in a 5 wt, however I have been using the 3wt majority of the time this summer due to trying new creeks and in search of other fish that might not be as big as the next. Both of these rods paired with the Redington Rise reels have been a go to for this summers drought while searching for fishable water in and around my home.

Now that fall is almost upon us, I am looking forward to the Opener at Pyramid Lake on October  1st. This is the Land of the Giants and for every fly fisherman its a place to fish at least once in there life. I will be balancing the Redington Vapon Black 8wt with the 11ft. 6wt. switch Dually.  More good times to be had. Enjoy the time you have on the water and hope to see you out there!

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